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Dispatch is an on-chain content and analytics tool that uses Web3 technology to enable direct communication and engagement between brands and their customers via interactive, on-chain "Dispatch Cards." The Dispatch Protocol aligns incentives between content-creator, renderers and customers.

Dispatch Cards are represented on-chain as NFTs issued by brands to their customers and brought to life by the Dispatch SDK - an embeddable suite of tools which make it easy to create rich, interactive, and collaborative experiences within the world of web3.

Whether it's access to exclusive content, events, and drops, or invitations to polls, quizzes, and governance, Dispatch makes it easy to build and engage a community using web3 technology. Read more about Dispatch here (opens in a new tab).

Dispatch CardKit

The Dispatch CardKit is a suite of low-code, embeddable widgets, components, and APIs which make it easy to render NFTs as Dispatch Cards. Dispatch Cards can be rendered and engaged with anywhere harnessing the power of web3.

Here is an example of a Dispatch Card - an NFT brought to life by the Dispatch CardKit:

These tools allow for displaying messages, hosting polls and quizzes, enabling smart contract interactions, data analysis, and much more. The most common integrations to-date have been:

  • web/mobile wallets enabling engagement with Dispatch Cards natively within the app
  • media website embedding Dispatch Cards as inline adverts

This site contains documentation and examples that will get you displaying web3 content in no time!


Dispatch supports all these features out-of-the-box:

  • Card rendering with embedded wallet connection support via Simple iFrame Embed ("2 lines of code" integration)
  • Integrated Card rendering with an existing wallet connection support via Integrated iFrame Embed (for seamless integration with dApps)
  • GraphQL API for message data and stats
  • ...and (soon) a lot more.

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